Marketing Video for Trade Show and Event Organize

High quality animated videos are versatile assets, they’re a great headline for a landing page, and fantastic tools to promote on social channels and an efficient way to continue the buz after an event. They considerably improve email open rates, they spruce up a sales pitch, they can announce a launch or promote your activity for future events.

A video of testimonials from current vendors and attendees complete with exciting, motivating show shots entices future attendees and exhibitors to attend your next event. Conference highlight videos can be included on your website, used for social media marketing and reach far more people than your sales force ever could to market future shows. We also partner with shows to provide video services to their exhibitors as well.

Live videos will draw crowds and promote your products and brand during trade shows or event.
But not only…

Studies have found that landing pages with a high quality animated video have an 80% increase in time spent by visitors. Youtube, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, and all other social channels have targeted audiences who demand quick, easy to read content. At trade shows, environmental motion graphics and videos are a very efficient way to accent your booth and attract attention,  to educate, inform, promote or sell.

Dreamland Technology has developed a series of tools targeted for your audience and your objectives:

Live Presenter
A powerful and effective approach is a live video presentation with a presenter. This tactic combines the use of a professional human presenter/journalist with a video wall or large screen presentation timed to the live presenter to deliver a powerful, compelling and attention-grabbing message that will be used on social media. Dreamland Technology has developed a product that is extremely cost effective and ideal for this type of situation and any budget.

Recording and Editing Presentations, Seminars, Meetings, Breakout Sessions
Presenters spend months preparing and rehearsing for the perfect presentation.
Will people remember what was said? Did everyone who should have seen the presentation actually see it?  Conference Videos allow for information to be distributed to a much larger audience via the web and social media channels.  With the possibility of live streaming your event to  Youtube, Facebook, your website or set it up for Pay-Per-View, we will package it for resale for you to increase the return on your show investment. We will record your keynote speaker and you can offer your sponsor additional visibility.

Highlight Videos, Interviews/Testimonials, Demos, Social Media, Event Recording
Booth visitors, your best salespeople and current clients are an ideal source for testimonial interviews explaining the advantages of your product or service. Product announcements, interviews, demos and other events can all be recorded and shared; often packaged into a highlight video. Capturinf business outings, bonding sessions, trips, dinners, awards ceremonies, etc. offsite or at the show is also a great way to optimize your presence and tag people to share content with a short captive message.

We will help you establish the right video content marketing strategy for your budget and help you adapt and promote the media on your social media channels

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