At Dreamland, we treat every digital project like a feature film.

ALP-17Most of us at Dreamland started photography in dark rooms and worked on film using 8/16 or 35 mm films and at that time, measuring light, and carefully planning each and every shot,  was not a requirement, but a basic necessity. We could not use the post-production facilities to transform our films and images with computers, and every shot was carefully planned. Today, we still use our cameras like a painter uses colors and pencils. There are fantastic tools with a much wider range of production and post-production capacities striving for maximum potential.

Dreamland Technology has a network of awarded film directors available to help you with your project. Our job is to make your dream come true while respecting your budget limits. We can produce a film, a web-based documentary, or any film project you are envisioning.  We are fully equipped with high-end media productions tools (Alexa, Canon C200, Mark IIIm, Red Camera…), from high-end cameras to post-production, we will work with you to find the best way to tell your story. Our partners, from New York City to Los Angeles, constitute a team of high-end professionals ready to cover any project in North America.

The power of an image is paramount when your goal is to communicate, promote the quality of a product, a service, or to position yourself in the marketplace. However, we are evolving into an image-saturated society, where the initial impact of images is often spectacular, but shallow in content, therefore quickly forgotten. Corporate films fall into this monotone category and seem to resemble each other. We approach every corporate film as a creative challenge, striving to communicate an enduring message to promote each client in order to create a valuable tool to increase productivity and forge an identity.

This expenditure should not be considered as an operating expense, but as a long-term investment yielding profit over time. A “low budget” film is useless if it fails to reach its’ goal and increase the client’s productivity. Along with our network of skilled professionals, we will create a film that resembles your company, a communication, and a marketing tool for your image.


Just as advertising has followed consumers online, the growing presence of online video is providing an incentive to advertisers and marketers to increase their online video advertising. Dreamland will help you achieve quality content, and cost-effective video advertising to build your presence online. As most media are suffering steep declines in revenue, online video advertising is offering new opportunities. TV may still dominate the advertising market, but the audience for online video is soaring, with 58 percent of the U.S. population streaming, up from 38 percent five years ago. We will work with your budget and put all our expertise into an effort to help you build a very effective marketing online video campaign.

Corporate film production for your company includes

. Integration of your film project into a communication strategy, the definition of your target audience, and the content you wish to promote.

. Writing the corporate scenario, shooting, and creative editing, respecting the company’s culture and image.

. Production of various video marketing tools or multimedia products adapted to your communication objectives (youtube channels, websites, viral marketing…)

Corporate films will allow you to

. Motivate your employees, communicate your goals, and reflect the spirit and culture of your company.

. Reassure your shareholders and corporate partners about the achieved goals and the means to reach them.

. Present your company to your future clients or investors, its history, location, management, and its means of production.

. Present your product or services, their concrete added values, and testimonies of satisfaction from clients.

. Communicate on the mastering of technology, a competence that you pride yourself in, or your respect for the environment.


Some of our projects are representative of our approach to filmmaking