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From the beginning, we will work with you to identify your vision, help you explore and create. Attention to detail is paramount throughout production process. Whether you are an experienced marketer of a beginner in that field, we will provide you with the best expertise to make sure your end project looks better than what you had originally envisioned.  

“Pure Cinema is complementary pieces of film put together, like notes of music make a melody” Alfred Hitchcock.


WITH A TOUCH OF technology

After 25 years of Successful Media Production in France, our team has relocated to New England,
yet keeping its unique French Touch and “Savoir Faire” to make your production stand out.

We believe in being

 Elegant, Beautiful & Simple


 A project starts with an idea, curiosity, exploration and conversation. From our initial meeting, we will start crafting the first storyline of your project. A personalized and crafted approach with a french touch.

From defining your production strategy all the way to casting and storyboarding, we will provide a complete hands on solution.



Each project is unique and requires a unique set of talents around the table. Once we identify the scope of your project, we will gather a team of experts , the right film director, sound engineer, and all the pieces to assemble your vision.

Full scale production, audio production, Film production and logistics management with a worldwide network of partners and talents.




This is where the magic happens, when your story comes to life and through our editing process with your editor you start to visualize what together we envisioned at the inception of the project.

Editing, Audio engineer, motion graphics, music research and licensing, color grading and consultancy to distribute your content on all platforms.


Featured Video

“Building Bridges” – Overcoming cognitive barriers through Art



When we engage in a project, we look at all variables and one of them is the social impact of the organization we work with. We like our work to have a purpose, to serve a mission. When the Cedars approached us to tell the story of a group of residents living with dementia and how Pamela Moulton, a visual artist engages the group through Art therapy, we decided to create a simple story line. This film was a low budget yet the impact is grand and the emotion is well…for you to judge.  

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Reviews & Endorsements

“When the chamber of commerce was looking for a production company to document and produce our live event, it felt overwhelming, video production involves many variables. Dreamland Technnology resolved all our problems one after the other and in the end we had 20 professional videos and interviews of VIP for our Youtube Channel”

– Ludivine Wolczik, Executive Director of the FACCNE

Reviews & Endorsements


“We looked around for several weeks and interviewed several production companies in L.A. before selecting Dreamland Technology in..Portland Maine! A blessing in the end, smooth, professional, and such a talented team, with a French touch!”

– Patrick Leipold- Tanzania Adventures

Reviews & Endorsements


“Coordinating an international co-production between France, the US and Canada require expertise and talent, but experience is key in this kind of venture. Alban and his team were the perfect company to deliver our vision to the world, we are so proud of our film and aware that the success came from coherent management of talent and skills of that team. Merci!”

– Camille Chatelot – Atlas Films, Paris

Reviews & Endorsements

“The Boston Biology Summit is an important international event gathering VIP from all around the world, we wanted a team that could handle a very corporate approach, yet bring us the talent of traditional cinematographers. Dreamland Technology was that and much more, so lucky to have found them.”

– Shahin Gharakhanian, CEO.


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“For a valiant heart, nothing is impossible.” Jacques Coeur. Our founder Alban Maino was born in Bourges, the city of Jacques Coeur and he seems to live by this motto. At Dreamland Technology, we aim to create media that aren’t just beautiful and elegant but produced specifically with the user experience in mind.

Do you have a project in mind that requires a media team? We’ve got your back.

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